Balayage Me Salon

Identity & Design
Webb Design
Social Media Marketing

Balayage Me Salon opened in 2016 By Marielle Eklund, a California origin Balayage Artist and Hair stylist. She wished to bring the color technique to Scandinavia as the Balayage hair trend was up and coming. I was given the amazing opportunity to be a part of her journey working with the branding and marketing for the newly opened salon.

We wished to create a timeless logotype for strong visibility online as Balayage Me mainly use social media for marketing. 

I crafted a brand identity that resonates with chic city women who wants a salon that is modern and stylish. I helped create the brand strategy and visual designs to evoke a energetic and polished vibe for Balayage Me. In the logo design, I’m using bold letters that creates an asymmetrical balance to the letters and shapes that together generate a balance within the frame. 

We established statements and words into short uncomplicated sentences describing their service together with client images.

They wanted to craft a modern and elegant website so I build a straightforward scalable site that the client can update themselves.