A new face for Testlagret

Identity & Design
Brand Strategy
Digital Transformation
Packaging Design

I had the pleasure of working with Testlagret on this rebanding project. Testlagret is a Swedish based company founded in 2006 and is an online shop for people wanting to get pregnant.

Their mission is to provide a product range on fertility tests and other aids for family planning. They provide products of highest quality, with Swedish manuals by Swedish manufacturers, and can also be found at pharmacies, in retail, youth clinics and gynaecologists.

My role was to redesign Testlagrets brand identity, provided art direction for how their brand should appear online and remake their packaging design. My goal was to create a modern brand that’s easy to recognise and appealing for the target audience. After exploring countless design solutions, I fell for a “tickmark” symbol that becomes a validation for the test result. I also wanted to soften the brand by using a clear rounded type to spell out the company name. The symbol can be attached to the logotype or stand alone as an avatar. This flexibility allows the logo to be scalable and legible, whether it’s in a huge print or small mobile profile image. 

Regarding the brand identity I curated a colourful palette and selected typography that visually supports Testlagrets top traits of quality and trust.

Testlagrets modular website design for flexibility and scalability. The site is developed by Kodmyran E-commerce system.

Testlagret needed to remake their package design to be more visual in store and establish a voice and tone of marketing to their customer.

The rebrand and modernisation of the brand was a success as Testlagret has successfully gained the trust of their target audiences and made significant growth.