Taste of the urban future

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The Woom brand is built upon the aim to make more space in our city center and to be a part of everyday life. Something that has a positive connotations and can easily be associated with topics like urban commute and a green future. The green wave have already started with adding additional more sustainable ways of travelling, which has created new problems and made the streets even more busy. So, how do we commute within the city and how can we change our behaviour to make an impact for our surroundings? 

And how do we make it work from the smallest badge to the largest billboard, from the digital space to the physical world? I got inspired by street art and the utopian feeling for a futuristic sustainable urban environment. 

Say hi to Woom.

The logo required a symbol that would work from the smallest application on products to large billboards. I opted for a stylized icon made up from geometric shapes and an even thickness so ensure scalability. I also wanted to bring some meaning into the shape as the pentagon is associated with the 5 areas where Woom operate.

I paired this with a sans-serif based wordmark that borrows details and shapes from the logotype. I also gave it some liveliness and recognition with the Woom Deep Pink. From the wordmark I also found a more condensed
san-serif font for direct bold and powerful messages that can be scalable without loosing visibility. As the brand is a also directly connected with our digital devices I added a more legible font with Object Sans.

As the urban environment tends to be grey Woom needed to stand out. From years of interest in Streetart I appointed the colors that will bring life to the streets.

Woom is a choice for your city. A choice for a more spacious and sustainable future. A choice for the future. Therefor I wished to administer the brand into becoming an action rather than an extra element for urban life. By using Woom you made that choice, you are a Woomer. So I translated the noun into a verb. Something that follows with the time we live in where our vocabulary is constantly evolving and being mixed with other languages. 

I also found it interesting that companies or commercial facilities on the Woomline can use Woom as an argument for their own benefit. 

In addition Woom also needs to be explained and focus on what it is. By adding words of tomorrow and implicating out feelings of longing for a better future and focusing on safety with you in the center.