My world

Over the course of my professional career at a number of advertising agencies, I have also been involved with some freelancing on the side, with paid and pro bono projects, using my freelance name: Bella Design.

More from My World is coming soon.
Fell free to contact me if there is anything you wish to know or talk about. I am always up for a great chat.

I created the concept together with the team at Bilbo Advert Agency. I have been working with this client for almost five years making numerous campaigns and projects, but this work changed me greatly. Even if it doesn’t always happen, this new claim “Change Your Way” for something that needs to change became my new motto. I felt something needed to change after working in PJ trousers for almost a year during the pandemic. I found the flexibility of working from home great, even if I tend to work a bit around the clock. But being forces like we where I noticed that everything started to feel the same, day in and day out. So, something needed to change.

After this project I started every morning with a 15 min dance. Just put on my headphones and swung around the house dancing like never before. And something did change. I gain so much endorphins that it lasts all day! So just a tip, if you are stuck doing the same beat day out and day in just Change Your Way.

Check out our creative concept and take note of what you might want to change in your life.